Getting Started


  • A local http server like Apache or Node.js
  • A WimTV account - create an account
  • That's about it!

Download GetWim

What is GetWim?

GetWim (WimTV Framework) is the best solution for creating, design and managing your own professional Web TV. You can manage content from the native WimTV dashboard and any content, published through the dashboard with a click, will be automatically submitted to your custom Web TV pages.

Storage and bandwidth used for broadcast videos are provided by the WimTV video platform. You can try WimTV with the Free package with no time limits or choose the best package suiting your needs: WimTV Pricelist

PayPal integration lets you easily monetize your videos. Sell your videos on pay per view or enter them in a subscription. When they are purchased accreditation is immediate on your PayPal account.

If you need support on using WimTV services you can consult the support website.