A brief overview of GetWim

Flexibility, modularity, and replication are key features for web designers, web developers, and web agencies who develop video content solutions for their projects or their customers. GetWim, considered as the "Web TV Bootstrap", is able to provide these features in the development of ad hoc solutions.

From a technical point of view, GetWim is a modular toolkit made up of a set of reusable, customizable and possibly expandable tags and properties, designed to draw the graphical interface with an AngularJS-based declarative approach.

GetWim is developed by WimLabs and uses the WimTV APIs, the video platform that allows the management and publishing of various types of video content: video on demand, live events, subscriptions, support for monetization and the sale of professional videos. From the WimTV site dashboards, you can easily manage your content: any published content will automatically be presented on custom pages made with GetWim. With WimTV, a user can upload their videos to a dedicated archive, called WimBox, and publish such content with different types of licenses: free, Creative Commons (choosing from six available) or pay per view. With this latest license you can set a price for viewing your content, thanks to the integration of PayPal. An innovative platform feature is WimCast, a service that allows you to create your own time schedule just like on TV, by inserting within a timeline the on-demand video uploads previously uploaded to your WimBox archive.