Vod list


A simple list of video published in WimVod. You can filter the list by tag, to view only certain categories of videos.


property type description Available Values Default
bundle-id string Filters videos that belong to a particular bundle, using the passed bundle-id
cc-type string Filters videos based on a particular creative common license BY BY_SA BY_ND BY_NC BY_NC_SA BY_NC_ND
destination-url string The url reference for the video: whenever a video from this list is clicked, the browser will be redirected to destination-url<video-id> #/player/
item-class string The css class or classes for the item of the list. col-sm-6 col-md-4 margin-bottom-10
items-per-page number Number of videos shown in each page by the pagination service. If using the carousel slick, this is the total number of videos available 1 to 100 12
licence-type string Filter videos based on a particular license FREE CREATIVE_COMMONS PAY_PER_VIEW CONTENT_BUNDLE
show-price boolean true shows the price of the video over the thumbnail false
show-user boolean true shows the name of the publisher over the thumbnail false
user-code string Filters videos based on a single user
tags string Filter videos in the list based on the tags you've assigned to the videos. You can insert one or more tags, separated by commas
type string The template type of the list: list is a list of items with a complete pagination system, slick is a carousel-like functionality slick list list

GetWim doesn't adds anything at the destination-url.
So if you're trying to redirect the browser to a webpage and you have to use custom parameters, be sure to add them in the destination-url


Simple list:


Filtered by tags:


Simple carousel: