Cast list


The list of schedules created in WimCast.


property type description Default Value Available Values
destination-url string The url reference for the video: whenever a video from this list is clicked, the browser will be redirected to destination-url<video-id> #/
items-per-page number Number of videos shown in each page 3 1 to 100
show-pagination boolean true for enabling the pagination false
size string Size of the Thumbnails small small medium
type string Layout type of the list vertical vertical horizontal
user-code string User code to specify if you want a cast list of a single user, not all of them

GetWim doesn't adds anything at the destination-url.
So if you're trying to redirect the browser to a webpage and you have to use custom parameters, be sure to add them in the destination-url


Simple cast list

    <cast-list  destination-url="?"></cast-list>

Using medium thumbnails and with the horizontal layout, also using a different default user

    <cast-list   type="horizontal"